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What Can You do to Protect Your Watershed?

After that walk, I bet you have some good ideas on what you can do to protect your watershed!  Let’s name a few:
  • Always pick up after your pet!
  • Be aware of how much water you use. Think of ways to conserve!
  • Never throw trash on the ground. Make sure to put it in the trash, and remember to recycle when you can.
  • Convince your parents to drive less. Try to plan trips to the store, school and gas station or other places in the same area so you waste less gas and time. The shorter the trip, the less air pollution.
  • Ask you parents to wash the car in the yard, where suds can absorb into the soil, and water the grass all at the same time!
  • Tell your parents to never use fertilizer or other items with chemicals especially before it rains. Use natural fertilizers like manure, mulch, or compost.
  • Plant some trees or grass next to the stream in your watershed. These plants will help keep the dirt in place and out of the stream. They will also help catch some of the bad chemicals that can get washed into streams

Courtesy:Department Of  Environmental Protection



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